Thursday, August 26, 2010

It must have been all that tight lycra

The original Blue Power Ranger David Yost came out in an interview today and talks about the discrimination he faced due to his sexual orientation (not due to his hairline, please David shave your head comb overs are so 1960s). Now I don't think this comes as a huge surprise to anyone. I was in grade six and even back then my gaydar screamed "hey girl hey".

I always had a crush on Jason the red ranger played by Austin St. John with his super hot parachute pants and muscles. The was an internet rumour out and about that he had beefed up and gone into gay porn as this super muscled shaved sean cody boy. Thankfully a quick search of the internet has turned up a far hotter option (at least to me).

Turns out Austin is now a paramedic and has turned into a super hot cub. Yes to the facial hair and double extra yes to no longer shaving your chest. I have always had a thing for paramedics (there was so much beefy eye candy in emergency last week it was crazy).
I wonder if he still has the costume...

Here he is responding to some of the internet rumours. Austin its not too late to start that porn career ;)

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