Sunday, August 01, 2010

Music Monday: Remixed right

It is very rare for a remix to become theee ultimate version of a song for me (usually MSTRKRFT remixes fill this category for me).

A while back the Crystal Method released a song called Come Back Clean featuring vocals by Emily Haines (who I talked about last week). It never really hooked me in any way. It was a good song but it lacked something to make it great. Here is the original below.

Then I stumbled on this fantastic remix by James Merrifield who metricized the song and really made something far superior to the original. Granted I am a much bigger fan of metric than the Crystal Method so maybe I am biased.

Which do you all prefer?


ReneƩ said...

The remix is better, it gives the song more of an edge. The original makes me think of Julianna Hatfield and other alterna-chick singers from the 90s

Kyle said...

Aaron, the remix, no contest. Full bodied sound with a catchy vibe.

Anonymous said... Blows the other two out of the water!