Thursday, October 28, 2010

Boot camped

The fella and I had our first night of boot camp.  We found a great deal online for 1 month of unlimited boot camp for 20 dollars.

We both have been feeling less than fit these days and so it was a great opportunity to kickstart ourselves into shape.  I have to admit i was  little terrified I would have a heart attack or throw up.  I have not done aerobic exercise since high school.

First thing however as with any gay  outing we had to plan our outfits starting with our shoes.   The fella took one look at my old athletic shoes which I have had for about 12 years (I got them for grade 12 gym class) and decided to take me shopping.

While for most gays this would be a joyous occasion.  For me however there were no exclamations of OMG shoes!

I have tiny feet.  I am a size 7.5 wide in mens (usually an 8 as 7.5 does not really exist).  Unfortunately in the case of athletic shoes most stores carry only 1 or 2 pairs in thats size.  Apparently hobbits don't play ball, soccer or tennis.  I went to 4 stores and at the final store 6 pairs before the poor guy just grabbed the only pair of 8s he could find.  I fucking hate shopping for all of the above reasons.

The boot camp was  fucking intense.  If anyone ever tells you to do pulsing squats you might as well punch them in the face as they are not your friend.  I did kind of enjoy getting my ass totally kicked.  I remember looking at the clock thinking it had to have been at least 40 min in and it was only just the 20 min warm up.

I am certain i am going to be sore for days.

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