Monday, October 25, 2010

music monday: Long live Coco

I have been totally digging I Blame Coco all weekend.  She has been out forever I can't believe I didn't know about her.  She showed up on my tumblr on friday and I can't get enough.

Her voice and singing style was really familiar.  Something regge and androgynously 80s about her.  I couldn't quiet figure it out until i found out that Coco is Sting's daughter.  If you listen to some of the other stuff she has on there the influence of her dad is clear. Here she is with always awesome Robyn.


Allan S. said...

Me likes, me likes!

Reneé said...

She definitely has the Ska thing going on. I like the huskiness of her voice and would love to hear her without so much manipulation. I think her voice is probably interesting enough that it wouldn't matter if she wasn't a "classic" singer. Nice lyrics.