Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Purple day-spirit day- it gets better day

I am viewing today as a day less about remembering the past tragedies but more about preventing new ones.   The world is a lonely place when your a gay kid.   It sometimes feels like you will never feel at home in your own body.   It really amazes me how many people I know who had similar experiences with contemplating suicide.  In fact it seems to be the rule for gay teens rather than the exception. 

While sometimes death seems like the only escape I can only hope that people considering it to look around at the people wearing purple today.  In or out, left or right, conservative or liberal these people can be a home for LGBT youth.  I have criticized the gay community in the past for being vapid, judgemental and overly segregated but what I have never talked about is the positive.  The community really has provided a home and shelter for me to grow into a person I like far more than in my closeted youth.  Home is possible it may just take a while for a person to find it.  

Your allies are waiting for you.  Today they are probably in purple.

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