Thursday, October 21, 2010

They can't seem to win on or off the ice

The Edmonton Oilers organization have had a rough year when it comes to the lgbt community.  If it isn't an employee Brent Bowers (the coach on the baseball team) going on a bigoted rant to a openly gay umpire (Billy Van Raaphorst),  its fans bringing homophobic signs to events. Then having those signs broadcast on the jumbotron as if they were just a funny joke.

It wouldn't take much to apologize and state that signs like that should not be encouraged by being put on the big screen.

It appears those sensitivity courses that they were having all employees take didn't really amount to much.  I wonder if they actually did them or if it was lip service to shutup the gay news blogs who were all over the umpire story.  I don't think they will be getting my support until the upper management realizes that a family friendly atmosphere should include LGBT members.

I look forward to hearing more from the capital club about this.

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