Friday, November 26, 2010

Cubs and otters and bears oh my!

This is the weekend of the BEEF Fall Bear Bash!
It looks like the turnout will be a bit smaller than the summer one.  Grey Cup weekend in Edmonton has made it so that no one can get a hotel room in the city without auctioning off an organ.  Additionally there are some other great events going on in the province like the Argra christmas dance.

I am all ready to go with my new Utilikilt and harness and it looks like it is going to be hovering around -3 so I shouldn't freeze my poor nuts off if I go commando as one should with a kilt.

It looks like we are going to have about 10 people staying at the condo this weekend.  I am not quite sure where everyone is going to fit but I think we can make it work.

If you were thinking about coming and not sure if it is your scene or don't know anyone please email me and I can give you the rundown on what to expect!

I wanted to post the poster I did up for it one more time as I am really please with how it turned out, it is probably the best thing I have ever done.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sweet dreams of a teenage twink

While watching the last nights Kurt centric love-in on Glee I finally get what the show is about.   You see I have a problem with musicals.  I have trouble suspending disbelief when they break into perfectly choreographed pitch perfect dance numbers.  I think the theater queen in me died a long time ago.

I think that is why I was never really on the glee train.  I like it but it always seemed off for me.  Watching Glee today I realized it.  This show is not about a young group of misfits trying to sing their way to the top its about the vivid fantasy life of a young gay boy in suburban Ohio.  

In fact this whole thing may even be a prolonged comatose dream.  The series opened with a scene of Kurt getting thrown into a garbage bin.  Maybe he hit his head and everything since has been a fabulous theater gay's wet dream.  

It is pretty brilliant when you think about it.  The creators could have never sold a show to fox called "Sweet Dreams of a Teenage Twink".   I bet the whole series ends with Kurt waking up from his coma only to find he has been on a journey in his head very similar to the classic Canadian series The Odyssey.

So now I think I will be able to enjoy the perfectly choreographed dance numbers because there is at least a plot device that explains the ridiculous dancing and singing (like that amazing buffy episode).

I do know however if a beefy cub of a football player kissed me roughly in the locker room in my coma dream things would have gone much differently.   I doubt however it would pg rated.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Music Monday: For your Health

This is usually a little more electronicy than I go but I have to say the whole disk ::Disco2 by HEALTH is pretty stellar.

This is my fav USA Boys.  Atmospheric with a bit of an edge I love it!

Friday, November 19, 2010

New body is right

Last night I spent an hour getting my ass kicked by a petite brunette.   Now before you get worried that I have started batting for the other team don't.  She wasn't even wearing leather or anything and I still very much like the peen.

Boot camp at New body Health and Wellness is going really well.  Thats not to say the classes themselves are getting any easier.  In fact I am certain they are getting much much harder.   Every class is like a new adventure in "WTF muscle is that??" and "OMG make the pain stop!".

I have managed to drop 5-6 pounds without really changing my diet.  What is really impressive however is how I feel (when I am not feeling incredibly sore post boot camp).  I was so incredibly out of shape before doing this it was insane even walking to work feels different now.  I can jog a block or 2 without getting winded stairs are not the challenge they were before.   I should be in pretty good shape in time for the Bear Party on the 27th.

At this point I have 10 days left on my trial.   I am debating on whether or not I should continue with the classes.  The fella has already decided that the classes don't work with his schedule its tough for him to make it from the west end from work.  It sucks because it is nice having him there to partner up with.  It also gives me someone to compete with.   I think it all depends on the price at this point and if we could maybe find a class that runs from 6:30 to 7:30 somewhere else.  We were thinking of joining a gym but there is no way I would ever get the workout I do now at the gym.

I will be doing a before and after pic on the 27th to show my progress!

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

No room for that kind of hate

Apparently the crazy assholes from the westboro church are coming to edmonton to protest the Exposure festival's production of the Laramie Project.

A counter protest called God loves fags is already in the works!  Check out the link for the facebook page! Lets show these bigots that there is no room for hate in this city. The fella and I are going to see the play tomorrow I will bring my cam incase I run into any crazies.  I love my people.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Life in the 21st century

Its all so causal and easy how we go about our lives online. We click "I like" we add friends, we plug rss feeds into readers.  Occasionally  we pipe up with smart remark,  a comment,  condolence or support of some kind, for these people in our pseudo social networks.   People we will never meet in person or touch.  Its all so easy, so casual.
Some would take this ease as sign of it also being cheap but I totally disagree with that train of thought.
I know it is not cheap because of how I feel when we lose a voice from the cacophony of our digital networks.  

This last week we lost a man who (among many other things) is a good soul, a talented artist and a wonderful writer.  I only knew Marcos through his and his wonder partner Allan's blogs.
When you read a great blog it feels like you are sitting in the person's kitchen over a cup of tea.  Thats what his and Allan's blogs are like. The greatest gift of the internet is the amazing people it can connect us to that we would never have a chance to meet in person.  Marcos was one of those people.  His wisdom and perspective will be missed greatly.

We all go through our lives only appreciating people once they are gone.  This was true before the internet and it is true now.  So appreciate how rich your life is and the people that make it so.  Just take a moment and take stock of everyone who touches your heart or mind on a regular basis regardless of if it is online or in real life and be thankful for them.

Friday, November 05, 2010

This worries me (said in the style of Tim Gunn)

Apple has decided to discontinue the Xserve rack mounted server as of next year.  This is pretty heartbreaking for me as I have spent the last year and a half learning how to administer osx servers.  A ton of time and a lot of my companies money was spent investing in these things.

I am worried that when 10.7 comes out next summer there wont even be a server version.

Now i understand that business is not Apple's main client segment but there are a ton of small and large businesses that have significantly invested in the platform.  I have no idea what our alternative would be.  We chose the mac specifically because it was so user friendly and had GUI that allowed you to manage most everything from VPN to mail service.  

I can only hope that the mac mini server was such success that apple could not justify the rack mounted system and that they will continue to invest in osx server for 10.7.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

What your weed choices say about you

This article totally nailed me.
Speaking of which i really need to do up a batch of cookies soon.