Friday, November 26, 2010

Cubs and otters and bears oh my!

This is the weekend of the BEEF Fall Bear Bash!
It looks like the turnout will be a bit smaller than the summer one.  Grey Cup weekend in Edmonton has made it so that no one can get a hotel room in the city without auctioning off an organ.  Additionally there are some other great events going on in the province like the Argra christmas dance.

I am all ready to go with my new Utilikilt and harness and it looks like it is going to be hovering around -3 so I shouldn't freeze my poor nuts off if I go commando as one should with a kilt.

It looks like we are going to have about 10 people staying at the condo this weekend.  I am not quite sure where everyone is going to fit but I think we can make it work.

If you were thinking about coming and not sure if it is your scene or don't know anyone please email me and I can give you the rundown on what to expect!

I wanted to post the poster I did up for it one more time as I am really please with how it turned out, it is probably the best thing I have ever done.

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