Sunday, November 07, 2010

Life in the 21st century

Its all so causal and easy how we go about our lives online. We click "I like" we add friends, we plug rss feeds into readers.  Occasionally  we pipe up with smart remark,  a comment,  condolence or support of some kind, for these people in our pseudo social networks.   People we will never meet in person or touch.  Its all so easy, so casual.
Some would take this ease as sign of it also being cheap but I totally disagree with that train of thought.
I know it is not cheap because of how I feel when we lose a voice from the cacophony of our digital networks.  

This last week we lost a man who (among many other things) is a good soul, a talented artist and a wonderful writer.  I only knew Marcos through his and his wonder partner Allan's blogs.
When you read a great blog it feels like you are sitting in the person's kitchen over a cup of tea.  Thats what his and Allan's blogs are like. The greatest gift of the internet is the amazing people it can connect us to that we would never have a chance to meet in person.  Marcos was one of those people.  His wisdom and perspective will be missed greatly.

We all go through our lives only appreciating people once they are gone.  This was true before the internet and it is true now.  So appreciate how rich your life is and the people that make it so.  Just take a moment and take stock of everyone who touches your heart or mind on a regular basis regardless of if it is online or in real life and be thankful for them.


Reneé said...

That was beautiful, and every word about Allan and Marcos, true.

Allan S. said...