Thursday, December 23, 2010

You get what you deserve

I skipped boot camp on Tuesday after doing some marathon shopping.  I was hesitant to go tonight as the fella and my friend Tim went to sushi buffet for lunch and I was so full the thought of doing sprints and burpees was less than appealing.

The fella convinced me to go.  When I got there I thought maybe that class was cancelled as no one else was there.  I find out it is just me and the instructor for the class.   She decided to give me an intense one on one training session to make up for missing Tuesday and for the pending perogy onslaught that will be my family dinner tomorrow.  The workout was intense.  I was one wasabi burp away from resurfacing the gym a few times. 

We planned to go see Tron legacy tonight but I am far too wrecked to haul ass to the busiest mall in Edmonton on the busiest shopping day of the year.  

I may make the fella carry me around the next day or so in a giant baby bjorn just until my muscles regain some composure.

Next week i will be doing my 2 month body picture comparison update.  I hoping it shows as much change as I feel. 

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

In the Jungle

Today the fella and I did a good chunk of our christmas shopping at west ed.   The mall was super crazy.  I am glad we got out of the place by 4:30 before the after work crowd makes it out.

I have about 3 more gifts to get and I know what they all are so it should be a quick matter to run out tomorrow and then do all the wrapping. 

I am not a big fan of shopping and the whole commercialism that permeates this holiday really sucks.   Maybe next year I will do custom portraits for everyone.

On an unrelated note check out this trailer for Hannah.  This movie looks fucking awesome!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Lock the Back Door

I have been working crazy hours.  My christmas tree is not up ( I really want one of these to make it easier).  We have almost no food left at home other than cookies and I have gotten 0 christmas shopping done. I am feeling a little behind on things

I have been listening to Christmas radio station at work trying to get into the christmas spirit.

That is where I heard this filthy terrible hilariously bad song called Back Door Santa.

I was so grossed out when I heard it I had to read the lyrics and the singer comes off as a creepy molester who gives his gift to all the girls while the boys are out.   How this song became a blues christmas classic is beyond me.  They should have called it afternoon anal santa.

So here it is Back Door Santa, Enjoy!

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

This could get messy

I fully support Wikilinks and what they are doing.  For the most part i think that transparency is of increasing importance.   

Governments and big corps are so intertwined at this point how this is all playing out is fascinating.  With anonymous and 4chan attacking anti-wikilinks sites.  

Freedom of speech is too important and precious to allow those with money to take it from us for our own "safety".

Gizmodo just posted a link to an application called the low orbit ion canon which allows you to participate in DDOS attacks without really needing to know anything about them.  The potential of this kind of application is terrifying.   

A a protest tool I think it is fantastic but I worry about where things like this will lead in the long run.

I have a feeling anon and 4chan are going to be stirring up some major shit over the next while.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Such a waste

Why must the super hot muscle cubs almost always be fucked up and evil?? I am hoping it is him not dealing well with his repressed urges for manlovin.

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Put the dog down already

I was at first really concerned when apple announced the end of the xserve line.  My company had invested in two xserves last year.

There are some great things on the xserve for small businesses.  After spending 20 hours (yes 20) trying to restore a server that stopped functioning after swapping in a new backup drive (ironic isn't it) I am inclined to think that Apple killed the xserve simply because it was a shitty product.  I expect they will do the same for the os x server by the time lion comes out.  

Enterprise grade servers should not stop functions or break raid when drives are plugged in.  Headless servers should not loose screen sharing functionality after reboots.   Open directory should not stop authenticating all of its users after rebooting.  LOM management software should not freeze almost every time it tries to reboot servers.

Everything about the OS X snow leopard server from the management software to the reliability of the systems is half baked.  It really shows apples lack of commitment to the platform and to enterprise clients.  Now I am not saying I am a perfect administrator far from it.  My main issue is that these products are marketed to small companies as a simple easy to manage solution.  They are far from it.  

I can't even tell you how many hours I have wasted on these systems after  something stopped working for no reason.   Or how many edits I have had to make to obscure configuration files that an average small business user would never fucking touch.

Apple prides itself on user experience and having things just work.   This has not been my experience at all.   I never thought I would say this but it makes me yearn for linux and I fucking hate using the terminal.

Maybe with an app store architecture to support server users we will have something that actually works until then fuck you xserve and the lies you rode in on.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010


There is a bunch of things I want to talk about from the Alberta Conservative government's leaked plans to privatize healthcare to the massive success we had with the bear party on the weekend.

It has been the week from hell however and I can not seem to muster up the ooomph to put my thoughts together in a coherent way.

So instead I will direct to you some of the best damn dork porn I have ever seen.  So many talented concept artists out there.  It makes me so jealous.

Here is a sample:

More here.