Thursday, December 23, 2010

You get what you deserve

I skipped boot camp on Tuesday after doing some marathon shopping.  I was hesitant to go tonight as the fella and my friend Tim went to sushi buffet for lunch and I was so full the thought of doing sprints and burpees was less than appealing.

The fella convinced me to go.  When I got there I thought maybe that class was cancelled as no one else was there.  I find out it is just me and the instructor for the class.   She decided to give me an intense one on one training session to make up for missing Tuesday and for the pending perogy onslaught that will be my family dinner tomorrow.  The workout was intense.  I was one wasabi burp away from resurfacing the gym a few times. 

We planned to go see Tron legacy tonight but I am far too wrecked to haul ass to the busiest mall in Edmonton on the busiest shopping day of the year.  

I may make the fella carry me around the next day or so in a giant baby bjorn just until my muscles regain some composure.

Next week i will be doing my 2 month body picture comparison update.  I hoping it shows as much change as I feel. 

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