Friday, January 14, 2011

Ridem cowboy!

This homophobic little jackass posted about fucking faggots on my semi estranged cousin's facebook page.  I couldn't resist the opportunity to enlighten the boys on the use of hate speech and why intent and context matters as much as the words themselves before of course politely telling him to go fuck himself. 

It  may just be my new outfit but I now get what Allan was talking about when he introduced me to the concept of being a High riding bitch.


Kyle said...

Evisceration by a high a riding bitch in underrated and underused. Ride'm cowboy, indeed!

Allan S. said...

When you have to pull out the bitch card you must ride it high. That little homophobe sucked his teeth and rolled his eyes when you let him have it.

You done did your work. So, darling, scrape his remains off of your heels and keep on stomping on your journey.

It makes a semi-long-in-the-tooth bitch like me smile to know that a little brother way up north is doing the work to know his worth and that he matters in the world.

Now go and embrace a moment that reminds you that creating through love is all powerful.