Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Thats going to leave a mark

I managed to get it into my fool head that we needed to update the bedroom.  So I dragged the fella through our record snow fall to Rona and home depot to get us some paint to give our den of scandal a fresh coat of paint. We also planned to get rid of some ratty curtains and a couple of old shelving units that no longer looked good or functioned the way we needed them to.

The painting was going well until I stepped off the wrong way off an old metal step ladder I had left over from the renos.   The thing came over on the ark and one of the metal support arms managed to slice a big chunk out of my toe.

Bleeding and hobbled we managed to continue on. 

I was standing on the top step of the step ladder painting the trim at the ceiling when I felt a sickening twist and a moment of weightlessness as the ladder twisted and then collapsed under me.  I fell really hard dumping half a can of paint all over the hardwood floor and banging my left side and back against the ladder floor and a dresser. 

I was very lucky I did not hit my head on the corner of the dresser.   It was a bitch to clean up all the paint especially as my body was in a bit of pain.  The fella rushed in with towels and helped.  Thank the giant flying spaghetti monster he was home. 

I have stayed home the last two days.  My toe is super sore and starts bleeding randomly so the thought of throwing on shoes and trudging through the snow is not so appealing.  Plus I am owed a few days for working over the holidays.

The room is starting to come together and the colour we chose looks great.  It just needs a few more items before we can do the grand unveiling. Pics to come soon.


Reneé said...

DIY & Casualty...I should pitch that to some home improvement network. Hope you heal up soon.

Ian said...

I totally thought the last sentence said 'Pies to come soon' for a second

Allan S. said...

Umm, Dude! Please don't do any repairs requiring power tools. Lordy! I hope you are better. Be careful and take care of that toe.