Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Unlikley Death from Above

Every year around this time the Coachella music festival announces it's line up and every year I bitch and moan about how I won't get to go.  This year's line up looks fantastic.

It is even more bittersweet this year as it looks like Death From Above 1979 is reuniting for a performance just for the festival.   DFA was high on my list of bands to see before I die but they broke up back in 2006 removing that from ever being an option.

Jesse Keeler and Sebastian Grainger both went on to other projects.  Jesse's MSTRKRFT being by far my favorite (Sebastian's stuff seemed better in the demo versions I dl'ed of the internets than the final production stuff).  All the music after seemed to be missing that rawness that made me want to mindlessly rock out with my cock out. I even caught a DJ set by MSTRKFT (sans Jesse) and while it was great dancing it was no DFA.

So since I can not go.  Here is a little Death From Above 1979 for you to enjoy.

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