Monday, January 31, 2011

What would Martha think

Tonight in muy immense brilliance I decided to try make sushi for the first time.  Not only that but quinoa based sushi with a tempura coating on top.

Since it was my first time doing tempura sushi and trying to use quinoa to replace the rice.

Now just reading this your probably thinking that this sounds like a terrible idea.  You would be correct.  There was quinoa from one end of the kitchen to the other with tempura splatters liberally splattered everywhere. The quinoa simply would not stick together and everything fell apart before it even hit the pan.  It was a culinary disaster the likes of which I have never seen.

The pizza the fella ordered was delicious.  


Allan S. said...

Sounds like you needed a binder. Perhaps a raw egg scrambled and mix with the Quinoa would have helped. Also, you could try rolling your rolls and let them rest in the refrigerator for some time.

BTW, did you think of make a ball of the Quinoa, and putting some Wasabi as a condiment on top then laying some of the fish on the ball of Quinoa. There really is no need to fry.

Werk mama, you are trying new things and that is what makes the world go around. xoxo

Allan S. said...

Ohhhh I just thought of something. Try whipping egg whites into soft but stiff peaks. Then fold that into the quinoa, and bake on a low heat for a few minutes, let them cool, add wasabi, and a piece of fish and tie it wiht some seaweed.

turnipHed said...

I had a good giggle reading this and picturing your kitchen and you getting all frustrated...thanks!

I am so not a fan of sushi at all here - pretty much since eating fish and seafood would cause a massive allergic reaction - so when you said you ordered pizza - I was like, "WIN!"

Anonymous said...

so we can add making Sushi to the list of things you cannot do in the far
1 - Melting Chocolate
2- Making sushi