Friday, February 04, 2011

Remembering a gay Pioneer

Last month Dow Hicks the former owner of the Roost nightclub in Edmonton passed away.  He opened the roost in 1968 in ultra-conservative alberta.   He did so much for the community and will be missed.  Gay Calgary has a great article on him. Check it out for a bit of a history lesson.

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turnipHed said...

I am pretty overwhelmed right now. I wish I had known I would have flown back for the memorial.

I could not even begin to describe the impact Dow had on my life when I was a young gay man struggling.

He was always supportive and caring in all that he did; whether friend or boss.

I will always remember what he would say to me when he left the club and I was working the door...

"Well, I am off to go make some cookies, you have yourself a good night now." - wink!