Friday, March 25, 2011

Good week for geeks

I am stopping myself from buying an Ipad2 right now.  I am not even close to finishing my programming project and won't be ready for testing on the device for at least a month.  Plus I won't be able to write it off until I get incorporated which is going to cost me some big money.  Still I want one soooo bad!  I hear the lineups are already getting crazy (it gets released here at 5pm) even at non apple stores.  I could always buy it online and then wait the 3-4 weeks for shipping?  Surely I would be done by then right?

I guess I will just have to console myself with the fact that three of my favorite shows have been renewed for next season(s).  Fringe, Venture Brothers and Futurama have all been renewed and I could not be happier.

If you currently are not watching Fringe right now get up on it.  Its by far the best sci-fi/mystery show on television.  Additionally unlike some other shows (I am looking at you x-files) this actually seems to be going somewhere.

Plus I totally want to gargle Joshua Jackson's junk.

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