Friday, March 18, 2011

Green beer and drag queens oh my!

I did not really celebrate St. Patricks day this year.  Usually I would meet up with my parkie friends one of whom is from ireland and get ultra sloshed.

True to form this year they started at 11 am and I was getting fairly hilarious text messages by 1 pm.  As the night progressed pictures and play by plays of what was happening were coming in.   I actually prefer this passive method of participation as I get to hear all the stupid shit that happens without any of the drama , headaches or cleanup.  The fella had never had green beer so I made him a green corona.

So why did I not go out and get sloppy like a virgin at his first gay bar?  Well guuuurl (I talk like this now) we had work to do on our number  for feathers leather and fur on saturday.   We watched this weeks episode of Ru Pauls Drag Race and Untucked for some inspiration while we tested out different body paints and worked on choreography.

Its a good thing our song is only two minuets as anything longer and there is no way I would remember the moves.  I am clearly the weakest link in the team.  It seems my multitasking ability stops when singing or dancing is involved because I can only do one at a time.  To to do both would fry my brain.

I am thinking this point that it would be better to do actual drag because you can be so much more theatrical with your moves and hair.  We are limited in this case so we are keeping it simple for now.

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Brian said...

Hey I know what you mean ! Several years ago, I was in a production of "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat". I was ok with the singing, but the dancing and choreography were a different thing. Like I am hopeless at trying to do something like jive ! and they tell you to "throw yourself into your character" and pretend the audience doesn't exist lol. Hope you're having a "growing" experience, and that the performance went well last night. I'm sure you guys were over the top ;p I would have loved to have seen it. Last years LFF show at Boots was my first drag show and I thought it was fantastic !

Looking forward to Beef Bear Bash :)