Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Nobody Cares like a bear in a drag show

After a ton of work saturday's drag show came too quickly.  I was stressed and feeling unprepared and we still had yet to do a full dress rehearsal for our number that night.   All four of us had never been on stage before and I could not even fathom what a huge rush and success it would be.

We met up  at the condo at 1 pm and started working on our costumes (by we I mean Brad who sewed almost everything we wore).  I worked on the body paint which turned out to be a massive disaster.  We could not get the right consistency no matter what we tried.   Add to that some drama with the clown makeup we bought and I really thought our night was going to go down the tubes.  There was makeup and cornstarch body paint from one end of the condo to the next.  It looked like a drag queen had exploded after a glitter enema.

Our flame dame Anna and her fella Morgan came by to help support and provide us a much needed ride to the venue.  We decided to call our group Grin and Bear It.  If it was bad at least we had warned them!

So here is what the care bears ended up looking like:

You can see the clumpy alligator skin on my chest was supposed to be royal blue body paint.  All in all i think we looked great in that dark bar lighting! Thats another drag queen trick they don't tell you.

The number was incredibly well received and it led to a rather sloppy night.  Who would have thought an innocent song from a children's cartoon would be so easy to fill with filth.  What the camera does not show is that immediately after this one of our team had to rush out the back door of the drag room into the alley to throw up as he had swallowed too much glitter!  Take this as a warning next time you throw glitter on stage while doing a dance number.

Will i do it again? Probably not for a long time. We represented the bears/cubs really well and had fun in the end but the amount of work to get to this point was crazy!  Its tuesday and I am still tired! 


Reneé said...

That was so very, very AWESOME.

Allan S. said...

How cute! Ya some perverted fucks up in Canada! Love it!

Mr. Meursault said...

such a cute bears <3

Brian said...

OK so those ears are adorable ! You guys need to wear them to bear bash and start a new fashion trend. Or make and sell them....would be a blast to see a room full of guys dressed like that...haha.

Loved your performance....encore encore :D