Tuesday, March 01, 2011

What what in the Butt??

I am exhausted today.   My throat is incredibly sore which means that despite feeling fine for a total of 3 days my cold from last week has come back at me with a vengeance.  Or I swallowed some bad water at the waterpark on Sunday.

The soreness was so intense I even had it in my dreams which were super fucked up.  Mark Zuckerberg wanted me to give him a bj while we were taking a break from filming a comedy scene for an incredibly terrible zombie movie.  I know the movie  was incredibly terrible because Avril Lavigne was a featured star.

As flattering as his unexpected advances were I turned him down as his equipment did not meet my standards and my throat was damn sore.   Plus who wants to say they got fucked by Mark Zuckerberg?  I do not need a sugar daddy that badly.

I am working the tea today with hopes that I will be in good enough shape to hit up bootcamp tonight which I have missed almost 2 whole weeks of.   My 3 month contract is up on the 11th at which point I will be posting some before and after pics.  

I am not sure I can justify 3 more months of the program but something tells me my body would fall apart shortly after stopping.


Reneé said...

On your dream: "Dude...what?"

JBrown31 said...

Love those times in dreams when you are coherent enough to consider if his equipment was worthy of your efforts.