Friday, April 01, 2011

Its coming!! BEEF SPRING BEAR BASH! 2011

I have been super swamped with work and extra curriculars this last week.  Getting the fundraiser set up for Youth Understanding Youth's Queer Prom and all the other details has taken far more work than expected.  We are expecting a capacity crowd so hopefully we can raise some cash for the kids and have a great time.  
Check out the facebook event here.

I am expecting a house full of cubs this weekend. As always I am not to sure where we are going to fit everyone into our humble abode but I am sure we will manage.  I still have a ton of cleaning that needs to be done before the boys get here.  

I have so much left to do I have decided to take the afternoon off (which happens to coincide with the fella's afternoon off) and get some running around and cleaning done.  Then its off to my Dad's birthday and then back for carnal desires at flash. 

I may need a weekend from my weekend by the time sunday rolls around!

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