Saturday, April 09, 2011

Stephen Harper Sucks and here is why

This is better than any list i could put together.  How these neoconservative assholes have stayed in power this long blows my mind.

What pisses me off even more is they have tried to make coalition governments look like a bastardization of democracy.  Personally i think proroguing parliament is a far worse offence than finding common ground with another democratically elected politician.

They want to turn this country into the US circa 2003.
No thanks cons. No thanks.


Unknown said...

nothong done about mps pensions etc that he was against while at national citizens coalition, also no sente reform etc the man is a hypocrite he is no diffirent than those he attacked

Unknown said...

he would have been shouting long and loud about bev oda 10 years ago

MapleLeaks said...

Harper has never been a fan of democratic principles, and prefers to rule autocratically with an iron fist. Good news, the trains are running on time.