Friday, April 08, 2011

Walkin on sunshine

No I am not all fucked up on whippits (yes I am a terrible person for laughing at that I know). 
Spring has hit edmonton with full force.  The snow and massive lakes that form on the sidewalks and streets is starting to recede and the sun is staying out later and later.

Yesterday after a very productive day at work I walked in the sun to boot camp and we got to work out outside in the river valley which was super awesome.  I felt a little weird about being out in public in my tight workout clothes doing squats on the trail but getting some fresh air was great.  The group did get a few honks and sex stares as we worked out  (men are such pigs) but I think that had to do with the 15 girls in skin tight lycra bending over and not my luscious fuzzy man booty.  

Yes I am the only guy in the group but that doesn't mean its a work out program for women.  Just because its run by women and filled with women and we focus mostly on butt and leg exercises doesn't... hmmmm maybe I am in a ladies class.  At least I get the lockeroom to myself.  Some eye candy for me once in a while would be nice.

On my walk home I was pleased to see the sun was not only still out but shining so brightly that I had to wear my sunglasses.  Winter has this way of taking things from you, you didn't even know you were missing until they come back again in spring.  

I was welcomed home by the fella cooking delicious tacos with home made guacamole. Then  we had some friends over to watch this weeks drag race.   I don't know about you guys but this season has really been enjoyable.  Alexis who i started out hating has really picked it up the last 4 episodes.  Its almost like its been the Alexis show lately and I am fine with that.  I think its going to be her verses Raja in a bitchy cat fight to the death.   

Things are good I am busy but really happy. Sometimes I feel like I only come on here to bitch and moan so I am going to try and make an effort to share more of the good because right now there is a lot of good to share!

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