Tuesday, May 24, 2011


With many of my favourite shows being canceled or in off season this trailer for true blood makes be super excited about the new season.  I can't wait for more campy ridiculousness and for hilarious the post episode rundowns on io9.com.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Prove it faggot

Imagine escaping a country and a family at the age of 12 that had threatened to kill you for being gay. Imaging making your way to a safer place where being gay is for the most part accepted.

Then imagine being told you have to go back because you do not look gay enough.  That you can't prove your gayness because you were too young to have fucked around (because all gay men are sluts apparently in the government's eyes).

As a Canadian I like to think we live (or at least lived before this last election) in a tolerant accepting society. Please sign this petition to help keep Alvaro Orozco from being deported to nicaragua because he could not prove he was gay enough for the government officials.  You can help make a difference.

Monday, May 16, 2011


This past weekend I did something I had not done for a very long time.  I worked out on my own. I wanted to supplement my boot camp classes with something a little more upper body intensive so I could bulk up a bit in my arms and chest.  Workout was great and I managed to not over do it.

I was looking forward to my class tomorrow however I just found out from another client of the gym that it is closed permanently due to financial reasons.  I am super pissed because I finally found a place that worked with my routine and was flexible enough to work with my occasionally crazy work schedule.

While I didn't always love the instructors I can not deny the results I have been experiencing.  Now I am going to have to find something else that kicks my ass within walking distance.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

This is why people think hockey players are neanderthals

I am going to weigh in briefly on this whole uptown sports a canadian hockey agent company coming out against Sean Avery in his support for marriage equality.  Todd Reynolds the vp of the management company tweeted obnoxiously about marriage being between one man and one woman. Then has defended himself afterwards.

Do these guys not know we have had marriage equality in Canada for over 10 years?  Like there is being behind the curve but come on all of your arguments about morality and slippery slopes have been proven totally wrong.  10 years and nothing.  It makes you look like a stupid dinosaur.

Here is a quote from mister brilliant.
I'm passionate about what I believe in. And I believe in morality and I believe in right and wrong. I know many people with different view points for what is right and wrong.
Honestly Todd your morality is not my problem and to spout off against someone who is trying to help a minority group makes you sound like an ignorant bully.  Unless your directly being affected by this issue I would advise you to keep your morality to yourself.

You see Todd I have my own morality and view point on what is right and wrong.  For example I am against nepotism in sports management companies but you don't see me tweeting or emailing your Dad (who also happens to own the company your VP of) to tell him this.  I think its really a moral issue of not hanging on the coat tails of your parents and becoming your own man. I don't hate people who have gotten jobs because of their parents.  I don't really hate anyone I just  think nepotism is wrong. I don't tell your father this because really its none of my fucking business. Just like marriage equality is none of yours.

You would probably think "Hey you don't know anything about me what gives you the right to comment on something going on in my life?"  Well Todd thats exactly my point.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Aaron SMASH!

So I am still depressed by the election results.  4 years is a long time for an asshole like harper to fuck up the country with no checks and balances.  Maybe its time to look into europe?
This came up on my tumblr today and kind of enraged me:

Here is my response:

The first pride parade was a riot in protest of the way we were being treated. It is activism at its core. Standing up and saying we wont take anymore of your bullshit your shaming or your discrimination.  
Bitching about pride perpetuating stereotypes is the same is saying:
"I am self loathing homosexual who secretly hates that there are queers, femmes, twinks, drag queens and transgendered people that are out in the world.   The world sees them and me as the same and that makes me feel less strong and less masculine by association. I am embarrassed by them because deep down inside I am embarrassed of myself." 
You have it easy you stupid fuck.  Not everyone is lucky enough to just fit with heteronormative stereotypes that you subscribe to. Some of us can't just make do with the occasional blow job from a dude in a bathroom.  
It is because of those queers, femmes, twinks, drag queens and transgender people unwillingness to conform that we are lucky enough to have the rights and privileges we do today.  
Your ability to live a normal life now is thanks to them so shut the fuck up about us taking a day to celebrate what sets our people (and yes we are a people) apart from the rest of the world.  Being queer, gay (whatever) is as much an experience as it is an orientation that means you like the same sex.  
Be proud of being queer femmy or liking a big dick up your butt and let the world know that there is nothing they can do to change that. That is power. That is pride.

Monday, May 02, 2011

Good things coming

It is election day in Canada so please go out and vote and have your voice heard.  I am voting strategically liberal as Mary McDonald has the best chance of defeating Laurie Hawn. Also I think she is a very smart person and she is clearly a hard worker.  She has knocked on my door twice already compared to 0 from all the other candidates.

I would love to vote NDP as I think Jack would make a great leader in a coalition government however I have to be strategic about this.

It was a nice quiet weekend. I have been sort of trying to sit back and take stock of where I have been creatively these last 5 years.   I have been putting a really half assed effort for so long that many of my creative projects are dead and the ones that aren't are too embarrassing to show in public.

Specifically my Justanotherepicfable.com project.  It is a story I want to tell and it has been evolving for so long in my head by the time I take the next step all of my previous work has become irrelevant.  Part of the problem has been my weakness for biting off more than I can chew.  So I have pared back the original animated concept and started looking at the project as a webcomic with some modern tweaks.

A big part of me wanted to just let the whole thing die and admit that I was an adult without time for these sorts of silly things. I told that part to shut the fuck up.

I have deleted a ton of previous work (that was sloppy and not very good) and actually started scripting the first book's chapters.  Each chapter will be about six pages that I am going to release to the web on a monthly schedule (unless I can find a kick ass comic/fantasy/steampunk artist willing to work for free).  I figure Warren Ellis is a pro and he manages to do 7 pages a week for Freakangels so 6 pages a month should be easy for me to script.

Since yesterday I have done up a full script for Chapter 1. I am 80% done Chapter 2 and have finished plotting up to chapter 6.  I have a few gaps I need to hammer into the narrative but it is coming along great.  I am expecting the first book should be about 20-30 chapters.  I want to get up to chapter 10 plotted and mostly scripted before I start drawing anything.

Scripting and dialogue have always been my weakest area.  My first comics were totally written on the fly as I drew them but a story of this size requires planning, some structure and to be honest with myself quality control.  Advance plotting has really exposed out the weaknesses in my original rough plot.

It is amazing what happens when you stop bullshitting yourself and get to work.

Also the fella just found out his company is going to send him and me to a conference in Cabo San Lucas this summer.   Mostly free trip to Mexico? Yes please!