Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Aaron SMASH!

So I am still depressed by the election results.  4 years is a long time for an asshole like harper to fuck up the country with no checks and balances.  Maybe its time to look into europe?
This came up on my tumblr today and kind of enraged me:

Here is my response:

The first pride parade was a riot in protest of the way we were being treated. It is activism at its core. Standing up and saying we wont take anymore of your bullshit your shaming or your discrimination.  
Bitching about pride perpetuating stereotypes is the same is saying:
"I am self loathing homosexual who secretly hates that there are queers, femmes, twinks, drag queens and transgendered people that are out in the world.   The world sees them and me as the same and that makes me feel less strong and less masculine by association. I am embarrassed by them because deep down inside I am embarrassed of myself." 
You have it easy you stupid fuck.  Not everyone is lucky enough to just fit with heteronormative stereotypes that you subscribe to. Some of us can't just make do with the occasional blow job from a dude in a bathroom.  
It is because of those queers, femmes, twinks, drag queens and transgender people unwillingness to conform that we are lucky enough to have the rights and privileges we do today.  
Your ability to live a normal life now is thanks to them so shut the fuck up about us taking a day to celebrate what sets our people (and yes we are a people) apart from the rest of the world.  Being queer, gay (whatever) is as much an experience as it is an orientation that means you like the same sex.  
Be proud of being queer femmy or liking a big dick up your butt and let the world know that there is nothing they can do to change that. That is power. That is pride.

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Petie said...

This has made my morning... I love it when you get mad !