Monday, May 02, 2011

Good things coming

It is election day in Canada so please go out and vote and have your voice heard.  I am voting strategically liberal as Mary McDonald has the best chance of defeating Laurie Hawn. Also I think she is a very smart person and she is clearly a hard worker.  She has knocked on my door twice already compared to 0 from all the other candidates.

I would love to vote NDP as I think Jack would make a great leader in a coalition government however I have to be strategic about this.

It was a nice quiet weekend. I have been sort of trying to sit back and take stock of where I have been creatively these last 5 years.   I have been putting a really half assed effort for so long that many of my creative projects are dead and the ones that aren't are too embarrassing to show in public.

Specifically my project.  It is a story I want to tell and it has been evolving for so long in my head by the time I take the next step all of my previous work has become irrelevant.  Part of the problem has been my weakness for biting off more than I can chew.  So I have pared back the original animated concept and started looking at the project as a webcomic with some modern tweaks.

A big part of me wanted to just let the whole thing die and admit that I was an adult without time for these sorts of silly things. I told that part to shut the fuck up.

I have deleted a ton of previous work (that was sloppy and not very good) and actually started scripting the first book's chapters.  Each chapter will be about six pages that I am going to release to the web on a monthly schedule (unless I can find a kick ass comic/fantasy/steampunk artist willing to work for free).  I figure Warren Ellis is a pro and he manages to do 7 pages a week for Freakangels so 6 pages a month should be easy for me to script.

Since yesterday I have done up a full script for Chapter 1. I am 80% done Chapter 2 and have finished plotting up to chapter 6.  I have a few gaps I need to hammer into the narrative but it is coming along great.  I am expecting the first book should be about 20-30 chapters.  I want to get up to chapter 10 plotted and mostly scripted before I start drawing anything.

Scripting and dialogue have always been my weakest area.  My first comics were totally written on the fly as I drew them but a story of this size requires planning, some structure and to be honest with myself quality control.  Advance plotting has really exposed out the weaknesses in my original rough plot.

It is amazing what happens when you stop bullshitting yourself and get to work.

Also the fella just found out his company is going to send him and me to a conference in Cabo San Lucas this summer.   Mostly free trip to Mexico? Yes please!

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