Tuesday, May 10, 2011

This is why people think hockey players are neanderthals

I am going to weigh in briefly on this whole uptown sports a canadian hockey agent company coming out against Sean Avery in his support for marriage equality.  Todd Reynolds the vp of the management company tweeted obnoxiously about marriage being between one man and one woman. Then has defended himself afterwards.

Do these guys not know we have had marriage equality in Canada for over 10 years?  Like there is being behind the curve but come on all of your arguments about morality and slippery slopes have been proven totally wrong.  10 years and nothing.  It makes you look like a stupid dinosaur.

Here is a quote from mister brilliant.
I'm passionate about what I believe in. And I believe in morality and I believe in right and wrong. I know many people with different view points for what is right and wrong.
Honestly Todd your morality is not my problem and to spout off against someone who is trying to help a minority group makes you sound like an ignorant bully.  Unless your directly being affected by this issue I would advise you to keep your morality to yourself.

You see Todd I have my own morality and view point on what is right and wrong.  For example I am against nepotism in sports management companies but you don't see me tweeting or emailing your Dad (who also happens to own the company your VP of) to tell him this.  I think its really a moral issue of not hanging on the coat tails of your parents and becoming your own man. I don't hate people who have gotten jobs because of their parents.  I don't really hate anyone I just  think nepotism is wrong. I don't tell your father this because really its none of my fucking business. Just like marriage equality is none of yours.

You would probably think "Hey you don't know anything about me what gives you the right to comment on something going on in my life?"  Well Todd thats exactly my point.

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Allan S. said...

you read him from cover to cover, and if he reads this he will never recover.