Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cabo trip 2011

Well i have officially unpacked my bags and my brain from our lightening fast vacation to cabo san lucas.

The fella went there for a conference for work.  His company was kind enough to pay for my airfare and hotel as his plus one.

The trip was a bit of a roller-coaster.  We got to have some delicious drinks in town and I got to do a ton of relaxing on the beach.

I managed to read most of Deathless by Catherynne M. Valente.  The book was totally amazing. It was like reading poetry.  The authors descriptors are so vivid it was easy to get caught up into the narrative.  The story is hard to describe but  it includes traditional slavic folklore, political commentary on the Russian revolution and a detailed discourse on war, marriage and the relationship of women in both.  Go read it seriously you will love it.

I also started Game of Thrones.  I am really impressed at how well the show was adapted from the book so far.

Things took a turn for the worse on the Tuesday.  The fella had the afternoon off and the company had organized a snorkelling outing.  I was super excited and despite the rather rough seas managed to enjoy the snorkelling a lot.

After about 30 minutes however I started to feel a little seasick and went to lounge on the beach.   Soon the called for us to get back on the boat.  By  the time I got on the boat I was ready to upchuck.   About 6-10 others were also pretty sick and our guide and a few others managed to get stung by jelly fish.

Something was not quite right with me however.  My hands started to tingle.  I assumed it was because I was dehydrated (which would have been tough as I had been drinking sooo much water).  Soon the tingling went up my arms and I noticed I was having trouble controlling my hands.  Thinking it was an allergic reaction I downed some benedryl that one of our travelling companions had.   At this point I started to get worried.

They can find no sting marks on me and can't figure out what is causing the problem.

My hands would no longer open.  They had turned into claws seized shut by whatever was in my system.  By this time the tingling and numbness had spread to my torso and started to go into my face.  Thankfully Jonathan who was a registered diver and had gone to med school was on the tour and he started to help the fella and I.  He mentioned my heart rate was like 140.  It all becomes a bit of a blur at this point.

They called for a speedboat from the marina which is 45 min away.  My mouth feels like I have been to the dentist and talking becomes difficult.  For a moment I think it would be much easier to just go to sleep.  Then the boat arrives.

The coast guards on the boat spoke no english but thankfully Jonathan and a tour guide came along with Greg and I to help translate.  I started to throw up epically and after start to feel a little better. One of the coast guards assumes I have been drinking all day and am sick from that.  Just for that I throw up in his direction a little harder.

By the time I am in the ambulance I am feeling better.  The EMTs also do not speak any english.  Jonathan pestered them the whole way to make sure what they were giving me was correct.  There is nothing more terrifying than being unable to explain what is going on to your body to someone who is trying to treat you.

The mexican hospital is spotless.  I have a very young Dr.  She speaks pretty good english and laughs at some of my jokes.  I am able to open and close my hands and the tingling is mostly gone.  I even feel some hunger pangs.

They inject me with hydrocortizone.  My body is not a fan and I throw up even more.  They stop doing that. They say they are going to keep me for observation for 2 hours.  I feel terrible for ruining both Jonathan and Greg's night off from the conference.

We have the best fucking BBQ chicken and ribs from a street vendor.  150 pesos and we cleaned him right out.  I can not hold a fork properly and spill my coleslaw everywhere.

Every inch of my body hurts.  My blood pressure is fine and after 2 hours of shooting the shit with Greg and Jonathan they allow me to go home.  The final bill was $500 bucks CND had I been local it would have been about $100.  I was really impressed with the efficiency and quality of care I received.

The marine biologist blames a Hyrdosuarios of some kind (something in the Hydrozoan family a cousin to a jellyfish).  Between translation and the shear number of things it could have been they could not give Jonathan a better name. It was likely the size of my fist and injected me with neurotoxins it also would not leave a mark till later.  They said it could take a while for it all to leave my system.

One week later I am still sore in my left leg and ankle (we think thats where it got me).   The shakes for the most part are gone ( I was already pretty shaky to begin with).  I am still very tired however.  I think I will be laying low for a few weeks.

All in all it was quite the adventure.  I feel like a much more seasoned traveller at this point.  I was very lucky to have had the help that I did get.  It was touch and go there for a bit and I really thought I could be royally fucked.   Thankfully I bounced back quickly with no long term ill affects.  Plus I have a really crazy story to tell my friends.

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ReneƩ said...

Well, you definitely know how to turn a mini-vacay into an adventure. You got a great "remember that time" story out of it so +10 for that. Sorry about your sickies, though.