Thursday, July 14, 2011

Why Edmonton Developers are Dicks

So developers are bitching about the Edmonton's  plan to encourage eco-friendly, responsible development.  The plan is very thorough and as far as I am concerned could go even further than it does to discourage sprawl and what I like to call fast food development.

Fast food development is when a developer purchases cheap unserviced land on the outskirts of the city and then decides to build a massive suburb in was otherwise land useful for other purposes.  Generally speaking this usually consists of fertile farm land.

Edmonton taxpayers have for decades been accidentally subsidizing this type of development by being forced to provide and support services to these new developments.  The further away from the core of the services of course the more expensive these services become to support on a long term basis.  The developer makes a ton of cash off of it's McMansions and Edmonton taxpayers are left stuck with the bill.

So when these subsidized profitable companies complain that this new plan with put a halt on Edmonton as whole an cause "bedlam" I say to them: Fuck you and get your hands out of my wallet!
Yes I am sure some players will exit the market permanently.  However the real question to ask is if these players could only survive by developing irresponsible, short term environmentally damaging developments are we really losing anything as a community by them leaving the market?

I would say not so much.

This plan is a great opportunity for progressive developers to take advantage of. Edmonton has long been known for it's shortsightedness when it comes to developing and the Way We Green plan is the first huuuuge step in fixing it.

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