Monday, August 15, 2011


I don't know why the universe is trying to blind me in my right eye but this shit really needs to stop. I am going to just wear goggles everywhere I think.

On the way to work a bird managed to shit right in my eye.  The guy must have been a sniper as it managed to shit right between my glasses and my eye.  A one in a million shot.  I was too far to run home and had to use my sock to wipe up my face.

I though someone threw an egg at me there was just so much of it.

This is the same eye that went zombie almost a year ago and has been irritated and angry every since.

Seriously universe lay off the eye.


Allan S. said...

That is really freaky! Are you an Aries by any chance?

Allan S. said...

Never mind, I just read that you are a Libra. If you can get a ruby, garnet, or bloodstone pendant or ring and wear it on you at all times.

Aaron said...

Will that turf my bad universe mojo? I am willing to try anything at this point :D

Allan S. said...

Yes baby! You need some Aries energy to get the eye mojo up off of you.