Thursday, September 22, 2011


This week was supposed to be a week of reflection of detox and rest.  The weddings were both wonderful in very different ways.   It was so much fun reconnecting with my friends from my ill spent youth.  

I have learned a few things.   The irish can party like no other group I have seen.  Half the first wedding's group flew over from the green isle and spent it partying balls to the wall in Canmore and Banff.  I am sure some of them didn't sleep for the whole trip.  If you don't sleep you can't get hungover!

The fella and I had a mountain chalet to ourselves that we took great advantage of.  We had friends staying in units all around us. It really felt like a homecoming.   We are all growing up and growing old so quickly.   Yet when we are all together it is hard not to feel a little bit of that infamous invincibility of youth again.  

So many friends taking the plunge and committing to each other these days.  We had 6 this summer to go to.  I feel like they are all joining this cult and the pressure is on for Greg and I to follow suit.  It is almost insidious how the hypothetical conversations turn into realistic discussions about tying the knot. All with very supportive newly married friends standing around encouraging every step!

My liver, ulcer and waistline really took a beating.  I managed to aggravate things last night by going out for wings and beer with the cubs.  I may actually have to cut off the booze and bad food before my birthday next week and bump up my plans for a sober wedding free october. 

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Allan S. said...

Why oh why are the things that are sooo good, are sooo bad for us. :(