Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Buried but not dead

Is this blog dead?  Did I fall off a cliff or get locked in some daddy bear's dungeon?

The blog is not dead and neither am I.  I apologize for the lack of posting.  

I have picked the worst time ever to take a break from drinking and detox because I could really use a beer right now.   Sober october has turned into a month from hell.  All the late nights at work are really taking a toll on me.  

I had some contracted developers deliver some software to me on Monday after about 4 months of work and it is a bit of a mess.  

I am working my ass off to survive the next while as we transition out some key individuals who are retiring.  This means I will likely be a VP before christmas.  It also means that I won't have a lot of time for blogging for the next month or two.

Plus most of the time I feel like my brain is about to melt out of my ears I am so burnt out.  

Things otherwise are good.

Here are some things I would have blogged about if I had time rapid-fire style:
  • I bought a pair of Vibrams five fingers.  They are awesome.  It is amazing what a different experience walking in them is.  You feel so much more connected to the ground and your surroundings.
  • American Horror Story is my new favourite show.  You need to be watching this late at night with the lights off.  Jessica Lang tears the hell out of every scene she is in.  I never would have thought the guy behind glee was capable of such fucked-uppery.
  • Fringe's new season is as good as ever.
  • Fable 3 is very disappointing. My least favourite of the 3.  They did improve the sex sounds however in a funny way so that is something.
  • Not a huge fan of IO5 or lion.  I will say the back to my mac feature is the coolest fucking thing I have dealt with in a long time.  It made me feel like I was living in the future.
  • Apple TV's are only worth it if you jailbreak them and install media player apps like plex.
  • The fella and I are looking at new condos.  I am tired of living underneath an ancient insane german couple and hearing every sound in the hallway.
I will try and do a bit more on here as time permits.

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