Friday, November 18, 2011

2011 Bear Party Wrap-up

Saturday was another amazing turn out for BEEF!   I want to thank our sponsors Gay Calgary and the fantastic staff of The Junction for helping us have a great time and raise some money for HIV Edmonton.   I also wanted to thank all of our volunteers who kindly put in the time to help make Beef one of the best bear events in Canada.
I also wanted to thank all of you who came out to the events and donated.  We managed to raise $930 dollars for charity last time this puts the 2011 total for money raised by the BEEF Bear Bashes to about $3400.00.   I know this money makes a big difference to the charities we donate to. This year we supported Queer Prom, Millicent's Red Diamond Retreat and HIV Edmonton.  I have included below a picture of all of the food and treats your donations purchased for the Queer Prom.  

In the spirit of supporting local charities I have received notification that the Edmonton Pride Centre is in desperate need and is attempting to raise $20,000  to help it get back up and running after an arson set fire to the building.   You can donate to the centre here.

2011 has been our best year yet and we have some really awesome and new things planned for 2012.   2012 FAB cards will be available online at starting next week for $10.  We will be mailing them out before the first event of 2012.

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Brian said...

Great job on the fund raising! May it continue to grow :)