Friday, March 30, 2012

Closing the door

Almost 5 years to the day I gave up possession of the condo to new owners.   We have spent the last few days cleaning and getting things ready for the new couple.  I vastly underestimated the amount of work it would take to get things in order.

Who knew stoves had so many damn nooks and crannies!   

As we were finishing up last night I almost had an emotion or two about losing the place.  It was where I took my first steps to independence.  Where I came out to my family.  Where I fell in love with the fella. 

So much life crammed into 5 years.  Some amazing times with friends.   

I won't miss the hideous seniors home from 1988 hallway decor, having to hide the fella's pussy as we were not allowed pets,  the upstairs neighbours and the general craziness that that building seemed to attract. But I will remember all of the good times fondly.

Not only am I physically having to let go of my first home but I also am letting go of all the plans and renovation schemes I had cooked up for the place.  I think that is going to be harder than anything else.

Here is my final video tour of the place.

As a reference point here is my walkthrough from 5 years ago.  So much change and so much weight gain!!!


Allan S. said...

Congratulations! 201 is a great number, it adds up to 3 and that is a magic number. I wish you guys continued health, happiness, and humping.

Reneé said...

Ditto what Allan said. How stoked are you to "make it work" for you and the fella over the next year? Have fun.

Ben said...

I remember going through that when I moved out of my place in Riverview a few years back. It never seems like it's going to take the amount of work it does.