Monday, June 11, 2012

On Pride

We had another amazing turn out for BEEF Bear Bash Pride edition.  Capacity crowd tons of hot guys in underwear and we raised $1100 for charity.  

Inevitably the Pride douchebags have irritated me to the point of needing to vent about it on here.  They always come out of the woodwork in an attempt to show how intelectual they are.  They usually come in one of two breeds:

1. Pride has become too corporate, it totally sucks.

2. Pride needs to be more family friendly.  I am tired of  seeing nothing but coked out twinks and drag queens.  

This is how I deal with number 1.
- Pride is what you make it.  For me personally its a declaration and celebration that I made it.  I lived through all of the self hate, public hate, stigma and abuse that gets casually thrown our way.  I made it to a better place without killing myself or ruining my life through self destructive means.
- If the parade is too corporate for you create a float.  Fuck create a political group a protest group or something.  Make pride yours instead of bitching about what its turning into.  
- What generally kills me about these people is 95% of them have never done anything more political than vote (and even then its rare).
- There are always a ton of non-corporate events going on.  Many of which are supporting local charities that could really use the help. 

Number 2 is the one that really really gets my nuts in a bind and was the original catalyst for writing this post.  This is the quote that got me riled up from facebook:
 I think a lot of people, myself included, still struggle with what 1000 twinks, walking the streets of Edmonton in their underwear, doing lines of coke right there on the picnic tables or backstage dressing area (we can't even deny it, I have Personally seen it for myself in previous years, and I highly doubt it was an isolated case) have to do with being proud of our sexual identity and the struggles we've faced as a minority. I understand people from the bear, BDSM, drag and plushy community need to be represented, and I respect that. But the needless partial public nudity, and aggressive sexual displays can sometimes be deemed inappropriate and/or overthetop and/or unneccessary. I would hardly call it xrated. But I wouldn't exactly call it child friends either.
I am not interested in assimilation. Assimilation = death.  It is just another closet we are being lured into and I refuse to go into it.
I am not interested in family friendly.  My life is not family friendly.  The lives of my gay friends are not family friendly.
Your family friendly life does not interest me.  In fact shouldn't you be at costco right now instead of dragging kids to a pride parade where all aspects of the community are on display? We are here because of our sexuality. I go to pride because of where I stick my cock not because I started a knitting group.  
I am not interested in living a heteronormative lifestyle.
I am not interested in presenting only our shiny, mormon friendly, monogamous, married, gay couples with kids for your viewing pleasure.   These are the people who have been grinding us underfoot for decades and you want to be more like them?  Its pathetic and it speaks more to internalized homophobia and desperate need for acceptance than anything else.
I am not interested in your body shaming.  In fact your body shaming is part of the problem.  Go fuck yourself because with that kind of attitude no one I know would want to fuck you. 

Give me more twinks in short shorts, more queens in face, more shirtless fat hairy bears, more titties, more leather daddy's in chaps spanking leather boys, more dykes on bikes, because that is my community and family and they deserve all the fucking equality that your bullshit nuclear gay family does.  The world can either accept us warts and all or we can make them eat it.


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James said...

I think it's your comment which explains why there are many of us in the GLBT community who feel alienated by the gay subcultures which exist. Boundaries exist for a reason, morality is in place not as a limit to human expression but as a balance. Yes, morals are subjective but you feel the need to alienate others who adopt ones different to yours as a 'shamed' lifestyle, that's alienating.

You choose to live a sexually charged life involving multiple partners while being in a relationship, frankly to myself and many others, I see that as someone who is sexually frustrated and unable to gain the pleasure they want from their partner. As a result, they have sex with others as a means to make up for the shortcomings of their partner or of your own ability to achieve sexual satisfaction in a monogamous sense. Do you see how it feels to be judged from the outside in just as you judge many of us who believe in notions of monogamy?

Arguing that you are rallying against 'heteronormative' notions of monogamy and 'proper' behaviour is simply a copout for your own counter-cultural beliefs and the method by which you live your life. You see others who do not subscribe to your choices as simply conformists who are too 'weak' and 'shamed' to adopt your free-wheeling sexually charged lifestyle.

Frankly, if you want an x-rated gay pride parade, hold it at your place in the form of an orgy (probably something you are already accustomed to at any rate) or at a bathhouse or rented space. Gay Pride parades exist to celebrate all facets of the gay community, both your own lifestyle of open-relations and those of us who prefer 'heteronormative' notions of monogamy and morals.

Sure we like sticking our cocks in asses, mouths, etc. just as you do, but don't treat us like a bunch of pathetic fools who suffer from 'internalized homophobia' just because we believe in the value of monogamy of proper behaviour while in public, we don't want to parade around naked with our cocks out while there are young kids walking on a sidewalk, frankly, a gay pride parade is a public venue and should be subject to public decency rules.

Take your sense of 'progressiveness' and 'true homosexuality' and shove it up your ass.

Mark said...

Well put Aaron! *hugs*