Thursday, December 19, 2013

Take your chia pet beard gift and shove it.

What kills me about this duck dynasty asshole is the people defending his right to free speech as if the particular brand of ignorance and bigotry is some sort of benign opinion like the preference between coke and Pepsi. 
Please say whatever you like and justify it however you want but know that such statements have consequences. Some much more serious than a bible thumping millionaire getting suspended from his prime time show. Hateful words like the ones he spewed in the name of a god are more than just an expression of free speech they are ammunition. They are bullets for other bigots and bullies that are used against people like myself when we are at our most vulnerable. 
I can't be bothered with this faux outrage from conservatives over a rich white man who is inherently privileged enough to have no idea what real discrimination is.  Lets be real here A&E brought the proven racist Dog the Bounty hunter back after a very short suspension after his disgusting rant.  Phil will be back too and hopefully he will have learned that most contracts that entertainers sign come with clear no-controversy clauses which I suspect has more to do with the suspension than anything else.  
What I can do is ensure that privileged bigot and the companies that support him does not get a single cent of my money. So use your free speech all you like but know I have that right as well and I will use it to protect queer youth to the best of my ability by removing you from your pulpit.

I guess I will have to return all those hideous duck dynasty chia pet gifts I bought for all my straight cousins.

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